New Year's Eve menu

GeraldineMartens DSC0819 1600x2400 - New Year's Eve menu

6-step Omakase menu
December 31, 2023

This menu includes:
Amuse bouche + 2 Starters + Shellfish + Meat + Pre-dessert + Dessert

Amuse Bouche du chef

First starter
Wagyu chirashi, egg yolk sauce, trout roe, red miso, caviar

Second starter
Pan-fried scallops,
chanterelles, black truffle

Roasted lobster, lobster sauce,
carrot and orange coulis

Wagyu entrecôte,
cauliflower, pommes grenaille

Pre dessert
Crumble and matcha siphon, green apple brunoise

Chocolate cream, almond praline, orange sorbet and gelato

Our food and wine pairings

69€ / person

1 Rosé Champagne
1 White Wine
1 Red Wine

89€ / person

1 Champagne Rosé
1 Vin Blanc
1 Vin Rouge
1 Champagne Brut

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